Friday, March 18, 2011

the breaking of the fellowship

So much has happened since the last time I updated but I had better give a quick abridged rundown before even MORE happens...

Outreach went wellI was on a team of 11 girls who went to Morely, a town near Leeds. It was craziness, but so much fun, and even though I was glad to get home at the end I miss it now. The town is known as “The Centre of the Universe” by those who live there but nobody quite figured out why. The church we worked with has only 15-20 people but they’re involved with a ton of stuff in the community and have all these connections with in schools, etc...which is pretty cool. While we were there we ran a kids’ club and some youth groups, did a Bible exhibition/drama thing in a bunch of primary schools, put on some elderly events, and ran a few church services. We also handed out 4500 calendars and way too many flower bulbs, did spontaneous drastic things to our hair, and made videos filled with ridiculous inside jokes.

Now school ends on Thursday and everyone leaves on either Thursday or Friday. I’ll be back for spring school, but most people won’t, and and the last week has been odd, so odd... Leaving is going to be tragic but I’m more restless than I’ve ever been here. A week from now I’ll be at Lucy’s house in Hull and then Gabby and I are out to conquer the world. Or at least London, then Paris, Italy, and Malta (and Germany for me--visting relatives). woohoo :D


Yeah, so, that was a week ago and I'm at Lucy's now. Yesterday dragged on forever...after the cleaning and packing was done everyone sat around waiting and waiting, ready to go but not, and then suddenly the London coaches were here and everything was a blur of hugs and tears and tripping over lost luggage and then everyone waved and yelled "MOVE THAT BUS" and the coaches were gone and most of Capernwray. And Megan left at 5:45 this morning (in pyjamas, having woken up exactly three minutes before, so that was interesting haha)... I hate goodbyes. I don't really know what to write right now and I'm definitely not doing the last few weeks justice but everything is just kind of mixed up and numb and bizarre. Not even going to bother deciphering these emotions. I can't imagine what the tenth of June is going to be like. And I should probably stop listening to all this tragic melancholy music.


  1. I love you Kelsey. :)))

    Best of luck on all your epic travels! Your life really makes me SUPER have no idea, but oh well. Perhaps my turn is next.

    And don't forget...the breaking of the fellowship is only the beginning of the greatest things. :)

    P.S. Tragic melancholy music??? ROFL!!!! You're officially INTP all the way.

  2. Leaving is hard!

    You're going to have such grand adventures on you travels, though! Sure, there might not be dragons and riddles to solve by trolls, and climbing tall mountains to find some magical existence, but they will be grand nevertheless!

    Melancholy music is addicting. :D

  3. (FINALLY!!! blog update. Was waiting forever for this :P)

    15 - 20 people in the church, eh. That's cool...

    Oh man. All those good byes must be pretty hard :'(. I guess it's getting you ready for the final good bye to all that Europe/college/traveling/friends.... :/.

    How long are you in Malta for? (This sounds soooo exciting! what am I saying; ALL of it sounds exciting!)

    Ooooh I love reading your blog posts!! :D

    <3 xoxo

  4. Was going to say something epic, but how can I do such a thing when all of Kelsey's friends have already said it for her? :) And in a much better way, too!

    I'm praying for you! I miss you so much! I felt the exact same way when I left California. It's all befuddling and sad and . . . depressing. I hate good-byes.

    Wow! Our road trip around America will seem dull and unexciting after Italy and Malta! Take pictures of Paris for me!

    Love you!

  5. Will you be posting of your adventures in said countries?!!?

  6. Nastya--oh just wait... ;) and I am very honoured to be called an official INTP especially by you.

    Anna--words of wisdom. ;) yep, very true. Postcard on its way, by the way....or at least will be once I actually get it/them sent...

    Zoe--Haha, sorry, yeah I certainly took long enough with it. Malta: only three days. I REALLY wanted to stay longer and originally it was going to be a few days more, but that was how the flights to Germany to visit my relatives there worked out. Ah well...

    Kayla--You are always epic ;) Thanks so much for the prayers! And NO, our road trip is going to be a thrilling adventure of its own that even Malta cannot compare to.

    Maria--of course!

    All five--Love you lots and lots <3