Saturday, September 4, 2010

To Begin

Naming this blog "Among the Mad English" was very tempting but I decided not to because 1.) it doesn't make as much sense if you haven't read the obscure but wonderful Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery and 2.) the 'mad English' might object. So. Oh well.

I leave for Capernwray Hall, Lancashire, on Tuesday. This is the story of what happens after, assuming I don't become too busy/forget/get struck with a permanent bout of laziness, and also assuming I don't get lost somewhere between Seattle and Carnforth. Both of which are all too likely but let's hope not.

Said goodbye to a bunch of (fabulous) people tonight. This whole thing still seems absolutely unreal.


  1. And of course the very fact that the English are not mad might be another very good reason for your not naming this blog that, don't you think? :)

    Have fun, study hard (which to some people is equivalent of having fun), and continue to grow in the Lord! :)

  2. Wait. wait. wait. wait. wait. Are you MOVING there?!?!?! Really?!?!

  3. Krys - that was completely tongue-in-cheek, no worries... :P And thank you!

    Maria - Only until June. Hah--yes, come!

  4. Good luck and I am eternally jealous! :)))

  5. Take me, too! *stows away*

    "Among the Mad English" is a neat title. :P

  6. I really do hate you! Have a fanTABulous, life until June, and please post excessively, for the condolence of the unfortunates left behind!


    P.S. You totally had better come back with an English accent fit to throw a troll. I'm counting on it.

  7. I'm feeling SUPER deprived right now. I'm going to lie awake in bed every night this week - tossing, turning, and wondering aloud, "What WAS that epic thing that Alyosha had to tell me??" Oh, well. Torment apparently helps people mature.

    I actually deleted my old blog, which is probably why you couldn't find it. After firmly declaring I would never grace the blog world again, I've gone and created another. (bows) It's Let's hope I actually blog on this one.

    Dystopia thingummys turned out to make very difficult writing material (not a whole lot of information out there on them, and rather challenging to weave a romantic and political plot around) so we stuck to the hum-drum and went with some evil wizards. (MAYbe. Maria and I have a whole month to change our minds. It might be on to geesewomen in the Himalayas by November.)

    Dying to hear your sweeping updates on the lives of those mad Englishmen!

  8. If you enjoyed "Enemy Brothers," try some more Constance Savery. There is a full list at my web site. Google "constancesavery" to find it. There's nothing for sale, not even a place to reply, just information.