Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Three days in

(written Tuesday)

So I am HERE! Arrived Wednesday evening, stayed at a hotel near Heathrow, took the Tube to the YWAM base in Fulham the next morning (with all my baggage in tow—I am never doing that again if I can help it, but it still beats spending half a paycheck on a cab). Stayed at the YWAM base for a couple nights, had a look round London, eventually learned enough to avoid making a fool of myself and looking like a tourist. I was rather sad to leave. But I caught the coach on Saturday and now here we are. :)

I'm not in the “castle” (which isn't really a castle but a manor house—it was built in the 1800s) but in the distinctly unromantic rooms beneath the conference hall. But we get wireless internet in our bedrooms, which covers a multitude of sins (everyone else has to trek to the library or other loungey places). We swap rooms after Christmas and between terms anyway so it's all good.

Six other girls in my room, plus various honourary members who are somehow in here all the time too, so it's loud and crazy and there's always something going on. The six come from exotic places such as Surrey (BC not UK), and Oregon, Alaska, Virginia, Manitoba, and Yorkshire. There are 19 people here from BC which (I think) is the largest amount from any state or province—second is Washington, third is Oregon—so much for an inter-cultural experience! The other day I met a girl who lives a few streets down from me. Other than the inevitable North Americans there are quite a few Germans, a handful of Brits and various Europeans, one Kiwi, one Argentine, a couple Ugandans, a few who aren't quite sure what they are...

Lectures started yesterday and the two series-es so far have been on prayer and 'The Transforming Friendship.' I love it when speakers are so passionate about their topic that they automatically make you excited about it as well. I think if I learn one thing this year, it will be how little I know.

Still muddling my way through everything. Still seems like summer camp. I wish I could upload pictures but with the rubbish internet connection it would take days. Photos don't really do the place justice anyway.

It's raining tonight for the first time—feels exactly like home.


  1. :O You got to bash around London all by your lonesome self? Weren't you just the least bit worried?

    Wow! It sounds like its fabulous, Kelsey! Can't wait to hear more! You are in my prayers!

    Love you!

  2. Well I didn't have much choice so... It was fine, but travelling with someone else is much more fun.

    Thanks so much for the prayers!!

  3. Hey!

    Wow. Sounds like a delightful experience so far.

    Hahaha... How could YOU make a fool of yourself! Never!

    *Phewf. glad you cans till stay in the 'castle' or the 'house suitable for a medium sized family' ;)...

    Can't wait to hear more about your classes. =)

    God bless you!!!!! =D


  4. Ah! You have a blog!
    I searched high and low until 2 friends (who were at your party) told me about it!

    It's loverly!

    Wow, that's kind of interesting that there are so many from Canada. I wonder if the college on the Island has more international students.

    Good to hear you safe and comfortable!
    Looking forward to more reports.

    Cheerio! A.D.