Saturday, October 23, 2010

which is mostly rambling.

I miss a couple things about home:

-cooking. Being able to go into the kitchen, throw together ingredients, and see what happens.

-healthy food. Whole wheat and vegetables and natural/unprocessed/organic stuff!

-people under age 18

-Youtube (blocked on the school's network)

-NaNoWriMo (which would be so much fun to do here if a group of us did, but I have yet to find anyone else who's interested. Found one girl who writes vampire novels...)

-a library that doesn't charge to order things. Or take out CDs. Or DVDs.

Right now I'm sitting in the hall by the teapot. Lost my phone card and this is very sad. About to watch Sweeney Todd with the roommates. Our movie selection so far has consisted of 100% chick flicks so this makes me happy.

Duties switched. No more vegetables; it's now the sound room. Recording lectures and controlling microphones. The job comes with lots of perks (i.e. couch, fridge, skylight, the ability to see who is taking notes and who is playing Solitaire) although I think it was bad judgement on their part to put me there—far too many opportunities to make mischief. For instance the laser.

This week we had a series on Ecclesiastes which is brilliant. Both Ecclesiastes and said series. The first time I read that book I thought what the heck?? The second time I understood a little more. The theme of wanting something more: this is awesome. The author tries everything, work, pleasure, power, wisdom. Nothing fulfils the vague longing for something greater. Everything is meaningless. Under the sun. It only makes sense when he realises that God is there, above the sun and the limits of the finite world, weaving threads into beauty and meaning.

I started reading Harry Potter (this will shock half of my friends) for the first time (this will shock the other half). I liked the first book enough to stick with the series, because of the characters and because everyone says they get deeper and darker. But my favourite part was the beginning—the feeling of I was made for something more. The “something more” being spells and fantasy creatures doesn't quite satisfy. The hoping-for parts were better than the real thing. Because longing is something every person can understand and has experienced but the fulfilment of it we're all unsure about.


  1. This makes me want to read Ecclesiastes again! I don't think I've read it since I was a little kid.

    And no youtube? *sobs for you*

    HARRY POTTER! YES! You will love the series, I swear! *is so proud*

  2. Oh, you poor darling! No healthy food? *gasp* What they do feed you in schools these days! *shakes head*

    Hmm. Hope you enjoy Harry Potter! I'm reading a series, The Ranger's Apprentice, which I'm hanging onto only because the characters are interesting. ;)

    It's a happy life.

    Glad to hear you are doing so well! We're reading through E-Eccles-Ecclesiastes, too! ;) Isn't it a wonderful book?

    Love you!

  3. YAY! another post! =D (...but for some reason I'm still not getting notified by e-mail... :S).

    hehe =)... maybe I'll send you a parcel of veggies for Christmas :P... if it weren't so costly.

    Lost your PHONE CARD???!!! :0 That's simply ghastly, Kelsey! *prays you find it* :/

    I never knew you liked chick flicks! :) aaah the little things one finds out through cyber interactions.... ;)

    Hmmm that's what I LOVE about ecclesiastes. The whole concept of 'there's so much MORE to life then what this world has to offer!' I like what you said here =D: "It only makes sense when he realises that God is there, above the sun and the limits of the finite world, weaving threads into beauty and meaning."

    HARRY POTTER????!!! You indeed shock me Kelsey... But that's neat how they're searching for something greater just like Solomon... I think it's so cool how people have that longing. It shows that EVERYONE needs God - that spiritual force in their life. Many people search all sorts of religions and spirituality's, which is unfortunate, but it shows just how much they want/need God (even though they don't think they need Him
    necessarily). A great opportunity for us to share Jesus. =)

    Anyways, great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing what you've been learning. =D

    <3 Zoe

  4. Maria - haha! I knew you'd be happy :P Yes, do read Ecclesiastes again, it's pretty amazing.

    Kayla - oh cool :) Ranger's Apprentice is on my (absurdly long) to-read list...worth reading? Haha, the food's not that bad, but I have raided Tesco a few times--never thought I'd actually spend money on vegetables! (I tried to leave a comment on your blog but my connection is being stupid and wouldn't let me--sorry!)

    Zoe - Sweeney Todd is definitely not a chick flick and that's why I was happy--so never fear :P Eh, I'm mainly reading HP to have an opinion on it and see if it lives up to the hype. Wasn't amazed by the first book...

    Yes! Exactly! Last week we had a guy who talked about paranormal religions...cults, people who think they're vampires and stuff, people who are not content with materialism and humanism but haven't quite found the truth yet... So interesting how everyone tries to fill the "God-shaped vacuum" in different ways.

    Not sure what's up with the email thing, I've neber gotten notifications for blogspot blogs :/

  5. Have you tried watching the first HP film yet?

  6. Haven't gotten the chance it good?

  7. Kelsey:
    Hah. Alright, I see. I am SO ignorant to the 'movie realm'....
    I'm glad you're reading it then. You should do a MASSIVE critique on it (good and bad stuff). I've only seen (some of) the movies, are the books much different? When I saw the movies (I think the first two...or three... it was when someone we know who insisted we see them... otherwise I never would have) I had headaches and nightmares for a few weeks afterwards. Sash had more though. I don't know what it was, but it effected us spiritually...

    SO true. 'God-shaped vacuum'. I like that =). oh, I've been reading this section in Perspectives lately about how some unreached peoples (particularly tribal), who haven't heard the gospel still have these stories past down from years and years about a Creator God coming to live on earth (and things like that). They still don't know the gospel, but they do know that there's 'something'. Then when missionaries go in and share it in those cultural contexts, it really clicks in. I think it's neat how God kind of prepares people to hear like that...

    Oh, glad I'm the only one! That's fine... I don't mind stalking your blog once in a while :P