Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"...but there's no place like London..."

After a few days, I like London, but goodbye to Kelsey’s days of romanticising it from afar. Up close it’s a grimy, often unfriendly, frequently ugly city. But it’s impossible to ever be bored—and so much has HAPPENED here, and that I love. So many stories, even if they’re hidden beneath a layer of litter and tacky souvenirs.

Met up with Christy tonight! [Er, four days ago now. Delay in posting blamed on my dodgy internet access, ok?] Human companionship is a wonderful thing, I have realised this (again) after two days alone :P Our hostel seems to be disintegrating daily but it was super cheap so I’m pretty happy with it. We’re in a 10-person room on the third floor (i.e. North American fourth floor)—and there’s no elevator, possibly God is preparing me for life in the Upper Tower next term. It’s also close to all things of importance: a. Tube station, b. Tesco, c. Starbucks. So. All set.

Yesterday we went to Westminster Abbey which was AMAZING. I don't really know what else to say about it except that it's ancient and gorgeous and magnificent. Favourite parts were the memorial to William Wilberforce, because he's one of my favourite people in history ever, and Poet's Corner--the section full of tombs of and memorials to Shakespeare, Carroll, the Brontes, a heap of others. And the grave of the unknown warrior. And the RAF chapel. And Elizabeth and Mary's tomb. And the fact that I got in for £6, instead of £15, because I'm 18 for another two weeks. Ok, there were a lot of favourites.

We also watched the Changing of the Guard (half of it, before we got too cold and decided that fifteen minutes of shouting and marching was enough) and saw the Imperial War Museum, which was evacuated right as we were about to leave for reasons which remain a mystery ("Due to unfortunate circumstances, we must ask that all visitors leave the building immediately by the nearest exit." repeat with siren sound effects x100). Unfortunate circumstances aside, the Imperial War Museum is one of my favourite places in London, I could happily spend days there.

So that's what's up... :) Going back to Capernwray on Saturday. I love it here and I love travelling but part of me can't wait to go back--the longer I'm away the more it feels like home.


  1. Wow. (And I suppose they don't allow you to take pictures in Westminster Abbey?) Did you get to see any of the graves of lesser-known people (Anne of Cleves, Edward VI, etc.)?

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    (Oh, and there's apparently an Elystan Street in London. . .)

  2. I'm afraid we all romanticize things, too, Kelsey! I must get over that!

    But I am SO glad you got see London at last! Very exciting! Even if it is dirty and grimy! It's still London, right?

    *is jealous to the gills*

    Love ya!

  3. Rebekah - No, sadly they don't. I was going to take pictures of Elizabeth and Co. and tag you in them but no luck. I saw Edward VI but not Anne of Cleves--is she really buried there? I wouldn't have thought she would have that honour... There was a Katherine Parr, it was somebody else.

    There is! I've seen it on maps, if I ever run into it I will definitely document it ;)

    Kayla - Right! It is! ;) oooh I forgot, another favourite part was the hole in the RAF chapel--remants of a Blitz bomb blast. They covered it with glass but you can still see the broken bit.