Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home again!

Made it back! I'm in the castle this time. YES. Have two lovely roommates, and our room is nice and close to everything, and not frigid, (and has internet)--I foresee a good term. :) I went into my old room today--other people, other names on the door, felt a bit odd.

Just finished watching some Doctor Who with Lucy and Megan. I liked DW before too but it's SO much more fun watching it with other people, and jumping and gasping and squealing and criticising collectively instead of crouched in my basement with headphones. Fans are few and far between in Canada :P

Ok, Zoe, here are a couple pictures, to reedem myself after the recent famine of uploads:

This is the Royal Albert Hall; in front of it (as in, behind my camera) it is the Albert Memorial; and in between is...a hockey game. Hahaha. Who would have thought? (Dark and blurry. Sorry. You'll just have to take my word for it, it was indeed a legit game of ball hockey.)

Here's a piece of our hostel. The outside was lovely, the actual room was fine, the in-between parts yeah...

The Eagle and the Child!

Tower of London. The second picture is the green where Lady Jane Grey (and others) were supposed to have been executed.

Inscription/carving by Lady Jane Grey's husband (on the right). So much interesting graffiti in those rooms, many of it by martyrs or other people who suffered for their faith (not him though), whether Protestant or Catholic. "The more suffering for Christ in this world, the more glory with Christ in the next."


  1. Good job. That was very obedient of you! :P
    Great shots. I love the oldness (which of course is all so normal to you now :P), and the quote from the martyrs (or something).

    In the castle part now??!! ...complete coolness... ;) and YAY! internet!!! :D

  2. I fairly wept when I saw you at the Eagle and Child! How wonderful to get to see it!

    Loved the post, m'dear!

  3. Zoe - ha! I'm not COMPLETELY jaded! I love the oldness too. ;) And yes! hooray for the castle! Even though it's actually an 1800s manor house with nothing medieval about it. But still.

    Kayla - sorry, didn't mean to make you weep :P But yeah it was fabulous...hence my grinning like an idiot...

  4. What lovely photos!
    The staircase is really cool!

    So sorry that I didn't find the "Newer Posts" button until now! I feel horrible! Now I shall backtrack and catch up!

    I did read the Les Mis post. It was great!

    Keep it up!

  5. Ha, no worries! Glad you found it :) Lovely to hear from you...and I am loving your blog :D